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Plantation Capital / Asia Plantation Capital


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I'm on a fishing expedition.

Does anyone know of / have experience with, either of these organizations, please ? I believe that back in 2009 one of the originating businesses may have been "OxiGen"

Please feel free to P.M. me.

Thanks in anticipation.

The Proffesor

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I was approached by them in HKG. You know, the expat financial adviser with a fantastic offer.

They are growing some precious wood (agarwood) and also making some oil that is used for perfumes.

The idea is you buy trees (saplings or full grown) and then then receive dividents yearly, etc... I digged a bit into it, did some research on the net, even visited their HKG office (pretty glamour and fancy place, which is already a red flag..)

I asked a serie of question about certificates of ownership, liquidity of resale market, organisation chart, etc.... Was not interested but digged just for the fun.

To many red flags. Ran in some regulatory problems in SGP. Glamorous office, organise expensive "plantation visits" for investors so you can "see your treez", etc .... When I highlighted that gen expenses look high to me, no answer. 

Checked their Glassdoor reputation, several ex employees posted a bit of "insight"

Conclusion : stay away. Better places to put your money. 



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