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Le Pub soi Diamond Pattaya


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The hottest go to bar off Walking Street ....... he plays too much crap AC/DC music but a great bar any time of the afternoon or night. 

If you like Tequila he does all sorts ....... and his chef does a lovely Cornish Pasty .......the young ladies are very friendly too. ❤️

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5 hours ago, misteregg said:

Le Pub is a beer bar situated on the Soi Diamond walkway between Second Rd and Walking St.

We open between 4pm till 4am Mon, Tuesday and Wednesday and 2pm till 4am Thurs, Fri, Saturday and Sunday.

There's a happy hour from open till 7pm. 

Currently we have about 15 ladies working and look forward to meeting you. Sit and enjoy people watching on the soi at the entrance to the bar or go inside and enjoy the aircon comfort. 

We have pool table and the best wifi in Pattaya with three service providers. we play music videos from the 70s to the present day at a sensible volume level. When there's live sport we feature that too on four tv's, three 55 inch and one massive 75 inch screens. Featured sports include AFL, NRL Premiership rugby and rugby Internationals, golf, cricket, NFL and college football. Premier League football, La Liga football and f1 is shown in new 4K Ultra HD resolution. 

The coffee we serve is made from imported Lavaza beans, freshly ground. I take a lot of time and effort making sure the beer and soft drinks are VERY cold ( not the usual Pattaya luke warm) and we do not sell copy spirits anywhere. All our spirits and genuine branded originals. Currently we sell draught imported cider but soon we will be selling another two draught products (think a stout from Ireland and a expensive beer from Belgium) 

Finally our toilets are spotlessly clean and you can dry your hands with either paper towels or my Dyson airblade hand dryer. Soon we will be introducing wireless charging pads throughout the bar. 

I hope you can come down and say hello if you are hitting Walking St. You won't be paying Walking St rip-off prices, I keep them as low as I can. 

I've posted some photos of my current line up. Be kind as I'm not a gogo full of drop dead gorgeous spinners, I'm a beer bar but my bar fines and lady drinks reflect that. 

All Thailand 247 members are welcome any time. 







Lovely girls Phil. Gawd how I need a holiday.

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14 hours ago, misteregg said:

Thanks for the replies lads.

Just to let you know I now have Belkin quick wireless recharging pads throughout the bar if you have a Qi enabled smartphone. 

Good initiative, but that's the trusted old 'my battery was dead' excuse gone out the window... 

"Why you not go Phil bar and chaaaaarge!?" I can hear my better half say after stumbling in at 8 am from JP... 

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I went in about 4 times back in August and what I liked about the bar was that Phil would always come up and ave a chat (it was low season) and also the girls would be friendly and not plushy for drinks. Nice wee Soi for people watching as well. Must try the food next time im in town

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