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Thai Spice

Thai Consulate in Bali

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I discovered that there is a Thai Consulate in Bali. Note that it is an Honorary Consul, and as such they have some limitations on what they can do, but they definitively can deliver tourists visa up to 60 days.

I tought this could be of interest for some ? Mixing a Bali visit and a new visa application.

There is a phone number but I found no email. Note that on my phone Google Map, they are mentioned and seem to answer to comments. Search "Royal Thai Consulate in Bali"





Personally I was in there this morning for a completely different matter, I needed a Letter of Consent (authorizing my daugther to renew her passport) stamped.  Big disapointment.

The team consist of 1 male employe, nice enough guy, and he has received a lot of positive comments if you look on Google map comments. 

But in my "special" case he had to call "his boss". Said boss just took me on the phone, explained me that they being only a Honorary Consulate (he specified "a private outfit") he had no authority to stamp / sign such a document. He was not excessively nice, simply not interested and told me to fly to Jakarta (well, thats about a 2h flight). Strangely this guy's name (seen on the mob phone screen) was "Mr WONG", so sure not a Thai name....

Personally I think  simply that they make no money  of this, hence they dont want to waste time on it. Note that I had the official Thai document, it was just a matter of filling and stamping.

The Honorary French Consulate, provides this service for free !



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