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An eventful drive


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We made an early 05:00 am start to our 8 hour drive  from Bangsaray to Mae Sot on Thursday hoping to miss the major part of the rush hour traffic on and around Bangkok and were largely successful. Not that Sai was aware having gone to sleep before we got to Pattaya. 😀

Managed to get through the Bang-Pa-In interchange ( Spaghetti junction on steroids) onto the 32  highway when a lorry launched a stone up in the air which hit the front of the car and did something nasty. Pulled off the carriageway and found it was the offside headlight fitting.


  I remember saying to Sai that it was only the plastic cover for the lights so that cannot cost much. :default_cry:

Back on the road and after another hour or so stop for a coffee and a quick breakfast.

We come back to the car and we both get in but Sai has a problem shutting her door. Not only will it not lock but the door will not close at all. You pull it closed but as soon as you let go it opens about half an inch. The only way we can drive is with Sai literally holding the door closed and us being reminded every 30 seconds that the passenger front door is open.

I remembered that we pass a Ford dealership on route but I cannot remember exactly where but that we have not passed it yet. Five minutes down the road the first bit of good luck as there it is. 

We drive in and explain what has happened and they spring into action.

"We have to change all four locks etc - no charge"


Although our car is 7 years old now apparently there was a design fault with the locks on our model and they change for free. :default_biggrin: 

Good customer service by Ford given the fact we had the car from new, never used Ford for services after the free one, and it took 7 years to go tits up!

I thought I must be on a roll so I asked how much to change the "glass" on my headlight? I am then informed that the "glass" cannot be changed as the whole headlight unit comes as a one piece item - 4,000 baht!

They did not have one in stock but phoned Fords in Mae Sot who can fit on Monday!

So after an hour or so we were on our way again and reached Mae Sot by 2:30 pm without bad things happening in threes. Called into Fords and confirmed not only that they will do the light fitting on Monday but also booked them to change the Timing belt which is not due yet in mileage covered but after 7 years is due for a change and is a lot cheaper than a new engine.

Turning out to be an expensive visit. :default_dirol:

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