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Rise of the Footsoldier 4...Marbella


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Feel free to move to another thread.

4th installment of the franchise. Enjoyed it anyone who has seen the previous three will know the format with Pat Tate and Tony Tucker...... Didnt think it was released to after Christmas but already out there....you may have to click out a couple adverts at the start etc


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2 hours ago, Pumpuynarak said:

Rise of the Footsoldier


Now i've seen the movie ROTF it was brill but i can't access this it says "No secure connection"


Have just tried the link here in UK....Am using Firefox Windows 10 and no problem at all.....Putlocker I've used for some time but as I say normally you have to knock out a couple of ads at the start

If its on Putlocker its almost certainly on all the other streaming sites as well. Try 123 Movies or one of its variants

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20 minutes ago, roomark said:

Cheers for that 

Watched it last night I didn't realise Connor Benn was in it playing his Dad ..

Some LOL moments with the sparring and Amsterdam trip .


Yeah I enjoyed it.....Bit slow at the start but warmed up nicely lol

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