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Guess who is #1 in buying guns from the U.S.


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Revolvers and pistols

- U.S. total exports: $172.1 million
- Top countries exported to:
--- #1. Thailand ($61.5 million, 35.7% of U.S. exports)
--- #2. Philippines ($27.3 million, 15.8%)
--- #3. Canada ($26.8 million, 15.6%)
--- #4. United Arab Emirates ($6.7 million, 3.9%)
--- #5. Germany ($6.7 million, 3.9%)

In 2016, the United States exported more than 375,000 firearms. The export totals are on a cycle; we’re currently on an upswing. SIG Sauer is the country’s largest firearms exporter — its latest contract is to manufacture 72,400 rifles for the Indian Army.

source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/where-america-sends-its-planes-and-25-other-manufacturing-exports/ss-BBX8VZX?li=BBnb7Kz

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On 12/18/2019 at 12:07 AM, Yessongs said:

Interesting.....just for the Police only right? LOL! 

Wifey last week asked me when I am going to take her to shoot my 9MM Glock. 



Give her an old service Colt .45 and see how well she handles that beast, after shooting the Glock.....lol 

Better not it might tear her hand up, but what a difference in handguns.     and throw her A Remington pump loaded with slugs. See how she likes that after shooting that little .22. She may never want to shoot again after.   555555

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I have shot clays quite a few times in the UK but never fired a hand gun ever until I came to Thailand.

I enjoyed my visit to the range but having done it once doubt if I ever will make a repeat visit.

My overiding surprise was how loud it is firing a hand gun even with those mufflers on your ears. Certainly not like on the TV at all.

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I fired a lot of 7.62mm SLR's in the military but had never fired a pistol until Thailand.

There used to be a hotel on 2nd road in north Pattaya that had a shooting range in the basement & the missus got hold of a free ticket so I went & had a go.

Fired a Colt 45 automatic & kept missing.Then I was told how to do it,you had to fire it like a mortar as they charged the rounds themselves & were a bit stingy on the gunpowder.

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I am semi-surprised about this stat ....

I thought it would be Saudi, or Israel or some where in the middle east ....

But, then again I am not -- I have been offered a number of times here to buy .. I have always said NO .. you cannot trust a Thai that is playing on the "fringes" -- they will sell to you and then "snitch" on your ass .... same with pot .... or any other drug ...


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