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Pattaya Pariah


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 I like his videos.    The Thailand YouTube videos are now either live streams which are pointless ebegging sessions and a chance for trolls to make trouble or they are the videos where you show what you did that day.   There's no point to those videos either but at least you hope the author took a little time to cut out the parts where nothing happens (which is what comprises most of a live stream).

  Pattaya Pariah shoots the video and months later after returning home  and having time to reflect on his experience comes up with a thesis for the video and expands on that theme with narration.  He's not trying to rush through it (so understandably this drives people nuts who have short attention spans).    He takes his time since he is in no rush to shoot and edit and produce a video that day like so many YouTubers.   

  Like him or hate him there's no denying that he's an original and for that alone he deserves praise.


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