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tommy dee

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this in the mail this morning


A man's penis turned partly black after he was bitten on the end of his member by his partner during sex.

The unidentified 43-year-old, who is thought to be from Arizona, didn't seek help until five days after the injury.

Doctors did not detail how the injury happened, only revealing his 'significant other accidentally bit him on the tip'.

The man went to hospital when he became concerned about the pain getting worse and the wounded tissue becoming darker.

r Marc Zosky, author of the report, revealed the man was given antibiotics – but did not confirm if he had caught an infection.

He did not need any surgery, and the patient had 'complete resolution' of his wound at a follow-up appointment one month later.

Dr Zosky wrote: 'Patients bitten on the penis often do not seek immediate medical care, and the disease process often progresses.

'Progression to skin ulceration and infection is common and requires careful wound care and antibiotic therapy.

'In rare cases, bites can lead to life-threatening infections such as Fournier's gangrene that require emergent surgical treatment.'

The gruesome tale comes after MailOnline revealed a Chinese man had part of his penis cut off by his wife.

The 31-year-old man triggered the wrath of his wife by having sex with someone else. She attacked his penis while he slept.

He suffered 'massive bleeding' and 'penile amputation' but medics worked quick which meant they could save his member and stitch it back on.

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How about a little levity.....

In the US, A man goes to the doctor for a VD checkup, and after one look, the Doc says "Thats the worst VD I have ever seen and regetably you need to let me cut it off..

Shocked, the man goes to another US Doc and gets the same response.

Being desperate, he goes to a Chinese clinic and tells the Chinese Doc what the US Docs told him, and the Chinese Doc tells him, Cut, Cut, Cut!! Thats what all western Docs to - No need to cut anything, just wait 2 days and it will fall off.....


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