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Siam Lounge on Pattaya Klang 12

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The Siam Lounge is a German bar and restaurant on Pattaya Klang Soi 12 around the corner from the Siam View hotel and across the street from the KTK Royal Residence. 


It's close  to Nova Gold and Nova Park hotels and Jameson's Irish Pub.


In addition to German dishes with a Bavarian accent, the Siam Lounge has standard international dishes like hamburgers,  sandwiches, pasta and pizza as well as Thai dishes. Prices are moderate.


It has an extensive breakfast menu with German and English variations.


It's an open-front restaurant that's a pleasant place to have a drink or a meal . Strategically placed fans bolster the effect of breezes off the sea to keep it cool.  It would be a good place for people watching, except there isn't much to watch on Soi 12 aside from passing vehicles.



The staff is friendly and attentive and there's no blaring background music.  Most of the customers appear to be older Germans or Scandinavians. 


Siam Lounge is open from 8.00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.


I've eaten at Siam Lounge a number of times because it's close to where I'm currently staying.  I have mostly had the breaded pork schnitzel.


The schnitzel was topped with a fried egg and came with a small side of industrial cut French fries.


Unlike a lot of schitzel in Pattaya, the Siam Lounge version had been properly fried- crispy exterior but still moist and tender inside.  :ThumbUp6:


At 119 baht, it was among the cheaper schnitzel's I have had in Pattaya and good value for money.  The schnitzel comes in several sizes and mine was consider small. with large and extra-large portions also available.  I wish it were offered with either boiled potatoes or potato salad as the size, but that would push up the price, I guess.


On an even more specifically German note, I tried leberkäse, which literally translates as "liver cheese." That's an archaic term and it's called "meatloaf" in modern translations.  Bavarian leberkäse contains neither liver nor cheese.


I'd never had leberkäse i before and was eager to try it.  It's nothing like U.S. meatloaf.  The German variation was processed meat that has been ground finely and baked in a loaf pan. It was topped with the customary fried egg and French fries were again the non-traditional side.


The condiment baskets at Siam Lounge include both sharp and mild versions of German mustard.  The leberkäse definitely benefited from a liberal dose of mustard. Overall, it was OK but I doubt I'll order it again.  Just not my taste.



I've also had the breakfast beef cheeseburger that comes with a fried egg, orange juice and coffee.02A.jpg.3b492fa57fc71412c9775aa9de5d0876.jpg


It cost 139 baht, which is a pretty good price considering it included a small glass of juice (with pulp, not an orange drink).



The egg yolk was cooked a bit too hard for my preference, but that is often the case in Thailand.  Overall, the breakfast burger went down nicely. I won't hesitate to order it again as breakfast or a light lunch.



I've  had the spaghetti bolognese several times as well.


It was a large portion, if not huge. The sauce was good and had plenty of ground beef,  but needed seasoning, particularly Italian herbs and spices. I've accepted that outside of Italian restaurants,  spaghetti doesn't have much of an Italian taste in Pattaya.  It with a small dish of  out-of-a-package grated parmesan cheese.


At 120 baht, it was great value for money.  I've paid 180 baht or more for worse plates of spaghetti. The spaghetti at the stall at the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana costs 120 baht, but it includes freshly grated parmesan.

Siam Lounge also has pizza on the menu. It's not baked on site, but comes from a nearby pizza place.  It's available between 3 p.m. and closing with a 20-minute wait. At 150 baht for 14-inch sausage pizza, it's a good deal.  The crust was thin and crispy and hadn't been over-sauced. It was a cheap fix for my pizza craving.



According to the Siam Lounge's Facebook page, Bavarian breakfast is available on Sundays for 299 baht.  It consists of "white sausage, pretzel and a special mustard mixture. Beer is part of a Bavarian breakfast, but it costs extra.



Bottom line:  I have mostly eaten at Siam Lounge because it is a convenient location for me, but I have no complaints about the food or prices.  If you like German food at reasonable prices, it's certainly an option.


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