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Visa via Train

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I have no idea may be a few BM know about this ... Have you googled it...?

Maybe 10 years ago I was looking for advice for the train from Bangkok to Phuket and every told just to fly but I wanted to try out the train and i'm glad I did now and it was great.

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Found this but I guess you need to know about 30 days exemption stamp..?

Train from Bangkok to Cambodia

Train Bangkok to Cambodia

You may expect a train to be faster than traveling by road, but in Thailand this is not the case! Trains seem to be a good way to transport a larger number of people from A to B but they are not designed to be a fast mode of transport. Take the train from Bangkok to Cambodia as an example – it takes 6 hours to get to the border but if you put the length of journey aside, traveling by train in Thailand does have its advantages… it is cheap for one thing, can be more comfortable than a bus plus you have the chance to get up and move around the train, and there are usually more facilities on offer. Traveling by train to Cambodia gives you time to watch the scenery go by as well, if you’re taking a daytime train.

Be aware though, there are no trains operating across the border between Thailand and Cambodia so you will only be able to get so far as Aranyaprathet. After this you will have to take a tuk-tuk to the border and once across the border you will have to choose how you’d like to continue your journey, depending on where you’re going.

A minivan, bus or taxi to Siem Reap will take about 2.5 to 3 hours if you’re stopping there to see Angkor Wat, but, even if you’re traveling directly on to Phnom Penh you will still need to travel via Siem Reap then catch a cool speedboat or take a bus to the capital city.

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