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Who is your influencer?


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4 minutes ago, CampariO said:

...and where do you follow him/her? Youtube, instragram, ...ehmm, is there another place where this species can be found?


Must admit I don't have any. 

Is there something wrong with me?

Nothing wrong with you, you just seem to be, like me, a guy with a life outside of media.

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21 hours ago, Sangsom said:

Quite like watching the food blogs Mark Wiens does on you tube. Although it’s impossible to love every type of food as much as he does!


Weins is good. Watched a few of his Lebanese vids last night in bed. Was 9.30pm and Id eaten but by the time i'd finished watching was starved LoL

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My Dad and Mum.

they instilled a work ethic and also taught me what was right,and what was wrong.

My Father received the OAM ,for time volunteering in the Australia Volunteer bush fire brigade,and from the earliest memory,I was told that if you take from a community,it’s your responsibility to give back into that community.

They were church going folk,but after long talks with my Dad,he openly admits he went to church because it made my mother happy,to see the family all together,even if it was just an hour a week.

Sadly,these skills that I learnt at a young age,are rarely taught these days.

our little community here has changed so much in the last 26 years, and the residents now have never been so much about “me”.

Our Rotary Club is a shadow of its former self,partly because when you do give back,you are judged in the manor you are doing it.





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