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Airport discount codes for the UK


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Airport Parking 
8 days from £21.59*

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Pre-book your airport parking with Purple and you could save up to 70%* vs the price you'd pay on the day 

PLUS save UP TO 15% on SELECTED PRODUCTS across the UK+

Free cancellation on selected hotels

Traffic jams, road works and fog all add to the stress of getting to the airport on time. Why not book a hotel or combine your parking with a room for free cancellation, no stress and amazing value.

15% OFF Travel Insurance**

As Purple Parking is part of the Holiday Extras Group, you can also ensure your holiday is protected with one of our flexible travel insurance policies. Book now to get 15% off through this email.

Airport Transfers


Perfect for getting to and from your destination. Book with us for trusted and reliable transfers across the globe. Plus, we're giving you 10% OFF just for booking through this email.

Airport Lounges


Ensure your holiday is relaxed from start to finish by escaping the hustle and bustle of busy airports. Get some luxury treatment and feel like a real VIP without breaking the bank.


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To park mine at Heathrow (or more likely a field 5 miles away) for an average trip costs £200 plus and then 10 gallons plus to and from Cornwall. As much as I dislike National Express getting a return ticket as long as you book fairly early is £30 as opposed to £260 for car. Sadly its a no brainer still

I did use purple parking at Gatwick last June but it was only a week and it was still outside of kids holiday so relatively cheap when I went Bulgaria. Car came back with mud on tyres (hence field comment above) but was completely unmarked

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Whilst I rarely use airport parking as the length of my trips tend to make it uneconomical.  I do however recommend this firm at Manchester Airport.  

One thing that seems to work with them is go through the booking procedure up to but not including payment and then exit.

Within a day or so an e mail then arrives offering the stay at a discount.

The site is not too far away from the airport, its security is excellent and I have never experienced problems with it.


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