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Travelling Thai embassy service in the UK


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This is the second time we have used this service which has helped us out so much with not having to travel to London.

We have been wanting to sort our little Thomas's Thai birth certificate and Thai passport.

Here's how it works

On line the embassy will set a time and date before the day and time for a temple in Leeds.

So one a few weeks ago Puang was on the pc at 7:55am waiting for 8:00am and she fulled in the online from and we get number one in the queue.

We left the house late as I'm always on time unless it involves Puang, never mind we got there just in time with 100's before us.. 

Puang went to pay the fee and collect our ticket number and yes we was number one.. 

Did the little ones Thai birth certificate and Thai passport in 30 minutes at a cost of all in with registered post £40.00

Now it would have cost us loads on money to head down to London and with the fuel and hotel to be they're early doors.

Now I know they visit many towns across the UK at different times of the year.



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