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Who is this guy....& what is the connection to here?


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Saw Brian Jacks collecting someone from Utapao , he was smoking which surprised me ..

Jimmy White and his manager playing pool at a small bar in "Made in Thailand "

Ricky Hatton walking past the Avenue then later in Skyfall on WS 

And Duncan from Blue was sat behind me on my flight to Bangkok 

think that's all of my celebrity sightings.... 😉 

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20 minutes ago, galenkia said:

Mickey pierce from only fools and horses and Brian Jacks was at a Secrets party I was at. 

Jimmy White was shagging a mate of an old regular of mine about 10 to 15 years ago. 

Two thoughts.

hope it was a bird and hope he wasn’t a whirlwind in the sack 

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8 hours ago, Jambo said:

Was the original quote a Coleman balls or was that before even his time? 🤣

It was Ted Lowe but he actually said "and for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green."

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Funny story about him he comes in Secrets and the Bar boys and a few customers get excited well I knowing nothing about english football am told who he is. I go over and say hello tell him i am not a english football fan so did not know him. He smiles and says I know you Larry I am on the forum I read it alot. Funny that he did visit wnen he was in town and that was often. Nice guy NEVER too busy to take photos with anyone that asked.

Same thing happened to me.
I had just become manager of Sectets and he came in with a few friends.
My old training in the strip clubs told me never to hassle the celebs so I just left him and made sure he was ok and not being bothered.
He check binned so I went up to him and introduced myself.
“I know you, you’re misteregg” was his reply. He read the forum.
I felt like a million dollars. He knew me. We talked a lot about Crystal Palace and then he left.
Very pleasant guy.
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