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I was driving back from the South -- early this morning I got stopped at a copper roadblock on Rama II just north of the Petchaburi and the Ratchaburi split ... about 3 hours left to get back home in BKK

I have been through this copper roadblock many times before ... they are always in the same spot .. and in the past they have always waived me through

Anyway I rolled down the passenger window .. a copper stuck his head inside of the Beast II ... he told me to go and park on the roadside ... so I did ... I did not say a word to him

I don't fucking like any copper .. never have I met a fair one ...

I pulled to the side of the road ... stayed inside of the Beast with the windows rolled up ( they are tinted a deep black ) ... waited for 22 minutes and not one copper came to ask me anything ...

So, I said f**k this and drove off .... was a little surprised they didn't freak out and start to follow me


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