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Haircuts and a shave


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6 hours ago, Stillearly said:

Wish they had had these sort of places when I had hair  😉

Been 2 decades for me of do it myself, $20 clipper from Walmart. I’m glad I was balding at 24, life is expensive enough without worrying about $70 haircuts like some of my mates do. 

Always wanted to try a hot shave, though, I must admit

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There was a large unisex hairdressers in Hua Hin back in 2001 on the main drag. 
I took my brother in law there for a beard trim and a haircut.  
There were several floor level Koi Carp ponds inside, with narrow walkways you had to negotiate to get to the chairs. 
Brother in law who is 6ft 6 and built like the proverbial outhouse, fell in one of the ponds and the splash soaked pretty much everyone in the place. Needless to say they gave us a discount on our haircuts. 
He saw the funny side of it and my sister almost pissed herself laughing when we got back to the house and she saw him. 

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