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Slow pipes leave Pattaya water trucks awash in business

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Slow pipes leave Pattaya water trucks awash in business


With water pressure running low in many areas, water suppliers are awash in business in Pattaya.

Earlier facing the threat of the worst water shortage Pattaya has seen in five years, the Provincial Waterworks Authority last year cut water pressure in some areas by as much as 20 percent. That means water runs more slowly and sometimes even stops, most recently last week.

In South Pattaya and along Thepprasit Road water trucks have been doing good business, selling water for 10-13 baht a liter.

One driver said he normally does three or four deliveries a day but is now doing as many as 10.

His biggest customers, he said, are condominiums, apartments and private homes.

Water levels in the nearby Chaknok and Mabprachan reservoirs have dropped significantly, with underwater plant life now peeking above the surface in some places.

PWA Pattaya Manager Suthat Nutchpan said people should not normally experience water outages. If they occur it’s because of a line break somewhere.

He also reassured residents that there is enough water through at least June, but still encouraged people to conserve.

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