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Wizz airline planning to resume flights


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Today, Wizz Air announced that it will reopen its base at Luton Airport on May 1st. With this move, the low-cost carrier will be restarting select routes, along with introducing new hygiene measures. 

Revised approach 

Last month, the airline halted operations at the Bedfordshire hub due to the global health crisis. However, it now feels that it is in a better position to resume services at the airport.

According to a press release sent to Simple Flying, the Hungarian outfit will follow government regulations and support physical distancing during boarding and enhanced cleanliness during flights. It also advises passengers to check-in and make additional purchases online to reduce non-essential contact with staff.

While on board, flight attendants will be required to wear masks and gloves. Meanwhile, they will distribute sanitizing wipes to each passenger. Moreover, the operator will continue to undergo a rigorous daily cleaning process. Each plane will be entirely disinfected overnight in line with official guidelines.

Wizz is planning to fly to the below destinations from Luton from next month:

  • Budapest: Hungary
  • Romania: Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Craiova, Iasi, Suceava, Targu Mures, Satu Mare, and Timisoara
  • Serbia: Belgrade
  • Slovakia. Kosice and Bratislava
  • Portugal: Lisbon
  • Spain: Tenerife
  • Israel: Tel Aviv



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Hungary:  Passengers are not allowed to enter Hungary - This does not apply to residents of Hungary who are nationals of an EEA Member State or Switzerland and who have a permanent residence card issued by Hungary.

Romania:  Passengers who show no symptoms and arrive from countries with more than 500 confirmed COVID cases will be put into 14 days of self-isolation and must fill a declaration form.

Serbia:  Passengers are not allowed to enter and transit in Serbia.  No relevant exclusions I can see.

Slovakia:  Passengers are not allowed to enter Slovakia.  No relevant exclusions I can see.

Portugal:  Good to go I think.

Spain:  Passengers are not allowed to enter Spain.  No relevant exclusions I can see unless you have a home there.

Israel:  Passengers are not allowed to enter Israel.


I can't see Luton Airport Departure Lounge overflowing with Brits going on holiday on May 1st.

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