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Irish Road Racing


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I log into U-tube most evenings and because of my historical preferences it always takes me to include videos of the Isle of Man, N. Ireland and Rossi.

Those top guys race at the edge all the time and sometimes it is almost hard to watch because it is like watching mission impossible. You almost cannot believe what you have just seen achieved.

What a loss if road racing loses some of its top events.

I used to work with a guy in the City of London who was the absolute opposite of what  you might expect a motorcycle racing enthusiast to look like. I discovered after working with him for some considerable time that he used to personally rebuild every year a "vintage" British motorcycle just to go as a spectator to the Isle of Man TT. He would subsequently ( try to) sell the motorcycle and start again. His wife was pissed at him because their garage always had a number of ones he had not yet been able to sell. More likely, the ones he did NOT want to part with!

He was full of surprises taking me one day to an auction where he bid, unsuccessfully, a considerable sum for a pair of duelling pistols. He apparently collected those as well. 🤣

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