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New Motorway Opens 22 May


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Motorists can zip down new Pattaya-Map Ta Phut motorway for free until Aug 31

The Highways Department will open the extended section of Motorway No 7 (Pattaya-Map Ta Phut) on May 22 and allow motorists to use the section for free until the end of August, director-general Sarawut Songsiwilai said on Sunday.

“Motorway No 7 connects Bangkok to Banchang district in Rayong and is part of the department’s 20-year strategic plan to develop the interprovincial motorway network,” he said. “It currently ends at Pattaya. The extended section will now run from Pattaya to Map Ta Phut in Rayong.”

Sarawut explained that the 32-kilometre extended section comprises three toll booths – at Huai Yai, Khao She On and Map Ta Phut districts.“

The cost of the project was Bt17.78 billion, comprising Bt6 billion for land expropriation and Bt11.78 billion for construction. The extended section was 100 per cent financed by profit from toll fee collections on Highway 7 and Highway 9,” he said.“

From May 22, the public can use the section for free starting at the U-Tapao toll booth. After August 31, the toll fee for Motorway No 7 will be Bt25-130 for four-wheel vehicles, Bt45-210 for six-wheel vehicles and Bt60-305 for other vehicles.”

“The Bangkok-Banchang Motorway No 7 is an important route that completes the transportation network in the Eastern Economic Corridor and will connect existing and future marine and air transportation routes,” he added. “It will also promote inter-border trade with neighbouring countries, reduce traffic congestion on main highways and drive the local economy.”

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1 hour ago, CalEden said:

Can not find the map!

if you open Google Earth and zoom in a little east of Pattaya you can see the where the construction is going on, just to the west of Map Prachan. You can then follow the construction south to Huai Yai where the construction splits in 2, the access road toward Ocean Marina south of Jomtien and the other main motorway toward Rayong. It end ends right in the middle between Ban Chang and U-tapao. 

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