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Pattaya Beach installs billboards detailing rules during the Covid-19 era

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Pattaya Beach installs billboards detailing rules during the Covid-19 era




Earlier this month the Pattaya City Administration installed multiple bilingual billboards on Pattaya beach which detail rules during the “Covid-19 Coronavirus” era.

The above rules can be seen in the photo, however, we will highlight and “Cliff Notes” the rules here:

1. Face masks must be worn at all times except for eating and swimming.

2.  No consumption of alcohol anywhere on the beach.

3.  Groups must have no more than six people and must be three meters apart.

4.  Beach beds and rental chairs must be spaced out with physical distancing in mind and sanitized regularly by staff.

5.  The Thai chana platform for Covid-19 tracing must be used at all beach bed and chair rental services. This is a mobile phone platform for checking in and out, Chana is the thai word for victory.

6. Beach vendors must not sell alcohol and police should be called if people refuse to follow the rules either drinking or selling.

7. The major Pattaya area beaches EXCEPT Pattaya Beach and Wongamat umbrella and beach chair rental areas are closed on the second Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of every month.  The beach is open, only these areas are closed for cleaning of the sand by the city overnight.

7a. Wongamat and Pattaya beach chair rental closures are the third week of every month, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

7b. Koh Larn beach chair rental closures is every Wednesday.

8. Hours of the beach umbrella chairs and rentals are 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM

9.  Beach chairs may not charge any more than 50 baht a piece and beach beds may not be any more than 100 baht a piece for rental.  Complaints should be directed to the city call center at 1337.

Thailand has not recorded a single, confirmed locally spread case of Covid-19 in 48 days as of press time.

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The usual laughable and unenforceable rules they continually come up with. Along Jomtien beach a few days ago not a single one of these aimed at individuals was being followed; will take an army of enforcers to make these rules work.


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