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First time i've ever seen this ????


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f me sidewqays you ask a lot of me, I cant even progr4am my new phone

anyway found and fixed, now 5 secsnot 5 mins

at least you werent moaning about the new decor, as I have washed the brushes and roller now

jeez, where is Lanza when he is needed

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13 minutes ago, nampla69 said:

I thought the title of this thread referred to Southampton battering Everton ........... Never thought I'd see that.

Hope all is well up Korat way young man and the old garden is going well .....:default_friends:

Did'nt we do well ? we fully deserved the win COYSaints. Garden has been pretty much flooded for the last 2 weeks and our gardener can't get near it.

I trust its ok as the original poster to TF lol

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