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Funniest lockdown stories


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Got a few but one that amused me a few weeks back was I’ve been deliberately trying to use some of the local restaurants for takeaways to support them during this period. I probably get some form of takeaway 2-3 times a week currently.

We have a really great French/European style restaurant here in Nottingham which I would go to every now and then in normal times. Anyway they started doing ready meals a couple of months back so thought why not as the food is always great there. I order about half a dozen meals for about £6-7 each (portions are big enough for 2 meals), so I book my delivery slot and the guy rocked up and delivers them in a brand new Bentley! They can’t be doing that bad during lockdown then! 🤣🤣🤣

I see they are doing xmas lunch delivery, am tempted! 😁

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