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?server? Issues?


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2 minutes ago, Stillearly said:

The Forum seems to be down a lot at the moment, U.K. time. It was last night  , this morning and then again this afternoon ... first couple of times for around an hour , and this afternoon a couple of hours  - is this for upgrades or another issue ? Thanks 

@tommy dee

Yes. Same for me and I suspect everyone. Back for the moment. I am sure it will. Be sorted soon if not already. A bit annoying but these things happen from time to time. 

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2 minutes ago, Freee!! said:

The easy way to verify that is checking checking whether you can access other sites.

That was the first thing I did. No problem with every other site I visit.

Started yesterday with being unable to get into 247. Access was intermittent, then last night, totally unable to get onto the forum as I kept getting  “timed out” message by Google. ☹️
Only got back into the forum about an hour ago. 👌

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it was a sewrver issue, goddaddy hosts this forum, so obviously I couldnt fix it or let anyone know,


seems to be fine now.  i am sure slow for a while as they will have heavy traffic on any other forums affected too

been an odd week.  youtube and others were in the shit earlier, and numerous servers globally have been up and down too.  maybe there is a new covid that affects servers.






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