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Sick of rona, pano getting you down


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The Australian National Dictionary Centre has recognised the dominance of COVID-19 by naming "iso", an abbreviation of "isolation", as the word of the year.

So play the iso game. The rules are simple

  • Add iso to the front of an existing word.
  • Take and existing word which begins with iso and add a new definition.
  • Add or subtract a letter from an iso word and create a new word/definition.


iso-kilo (or iso-pound) - weight gain due to isolation
iso-wank - when there's fukall else to do
iso-metric - unit for counting the time in isolation or how long to go
iso-pod - what you have in your ears for a Zoom meeting
iso-tonic - what you drink in isolation
iso-trope - overusing iso
iso-heedral - listening to isolation advice
iso-prope - what's in your hand sanitizer if it's not ETH.
iso-gon - escaping isolation
iso-bar - the landlord drinking alone
iso-late - should have left earlier



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