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Pop Songs We Hate To Admit We Love


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4 hours ago, Skalliwag said:

Michael Jackson came up on my playlist today.f**k....I knew all of the words.

So all those long weekends at Neverland alone with Michael, weren’t completely wasted then. 🤣

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8 minutes ago, Stillearly said:

I just copied and pasted and it embedded automatically 


not really embarrassed about this one , just trying to help out 😉 

That is what I did as well.  Just copied the URL at current time and pasted that URL into the thread, in the old days it just opened up but not now.  Noticed also that Glasseye had the same problem at beginning of topic.

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6 hours ago, thegrogmonster said:



That is the equivalence of a cover version of Bohemian Rhapsody or Whiter Shade of Pale!!

There is only one version of Loco-motion and that is Little Eva's 🤣

(My mum played it all the time)


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