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If it was easy, everybody would be doing it!


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I made my fourth visit to this beautiful natural fishing lake yesterday which is only a five minute drive from where I stay when up in Mae Sot.

It is full of fish but I am not interested in catching lots of small ones I want one of the larger fish that are there but feed on the bottom of the lake.

I fish like the Thai's do.

Exactly like the Thai's do.

It is however extremely good that the lake is so beautiful and has a bar which serves excellent food because in three previous trips I have caught exactly one decent fish!

                              fish 1.jpg


                               fish 3.jpg

I had been there for over five hours when I took this photo and the light was starting to go. I had just one really good bite......................and missed it!

                              Fish 2.jpg

I thought I would have one more try before I gave up and retired to the bar............................................when.........the rod tip bounced a few times and I was finally into a fish. 🤣


Hardly a huge fish but on light tackle it ran me round the lake for a while. I think it is a Gouramy of about 3-4 kilo's and I discovered it has teeth when I took the hook out and returned it to the lake much to the disgust of teerak who on seeing the photo wanted to know why I had not brought it back me!.

 fish 5.jpg

Now off to the bar and a couple of large Heineken's and bar snacks of fried ribs, chicken and fries.

fish 6.jpg


fish 7.jpg

It is a popular watering hole with Thai's in the evening partly explained by the fact that it sells good, inexpensive food and alcohol and stayed open throughout the lockdowns.

fish 3.jpg

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I really like these little "off the grid" type of places ... but, I am on the sea .. it is normal for a shit load of these places directly on the sea down by where I live ... "lock down and covid ... " .. no way ... "masks" .. no way !  My type of places .....

Well Bro, you have 1 more fish that I have ever caught ... I was out yesterday morning on the sea .. no bites .. no fish .. normal for me .. but, it won't ever stop me from trying ....

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