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Ban Amata Restaurant


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If there is one thing we are not short of up here in Mae Sot it is quality restaurants. Ban Amata is one of the largest and has a reputation for good food.

We did a family visit yesterday and were not disappointed.

                   Ban Amata 1.jpg

                                          Ben Amata 1.1.jpg     

It used to go into hydroponics in a big way  but they have replaced the majority with seating in the garden area leaving just the one token unit for their salad requirements.

                          Ban Amata 3.jpg  


                         Ban Amata 2.jpg

Live music later in the evening and you can see the stage in the far background. We were the first customers at 5.30 pm and it was beginning to fill up as we were leaving.

                         Ban Amata 4.jpg

 Although it is quite an "up market" venue it has an interesting mixed customer base. Inside the main building are posters confirming that the Restaurant is the designated home for two Motorcycle Clubs and there are two separate reserved parking areas marked  respectively "Large Motorbikes" and "Harleys". 🤣    A couple arrived and sat at the table next to us with the guy being both a farlang (quite rare uo here) and dressed in full Harley club "colours."    

                      Ben Amata 5.jpg 


     There is a very extensive menu to be considered ?

                      Ben Amata 6.jpg             

But I had no hesitation in sticking to the Restaurant's signature dish of BBQ Ribs. 😛


                     Ben Amata 7.jpg

It was absolutely superb. It has been a very long time since I have enjoyed better!

                   Ben Amata 8.jpg     

I had BBQ sauce everywhere but there was very little wasted.

                     Ben Amata 9.jpg

A very enjoyable evening and we departed as the light was fading and the car park beginning to fill up which says it all for a Monday.


                      Ben Amata last.jpg


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