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Yes Pattaya does have amazing sun-rises.....Pictures....


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Beautiful pics Forest. Like many others here, haven’t seen too many Pattaya sunrises, as I’m either asleep at 6 am, or indoors.

Come to think of it, one time up in CM  I went to an after, after, after hours spot with a rooftop patio. Drank til about 8:30, and I’m traumatized thinking about it until now......almost got in a fight with a puny Bengali dude who thought he was a badass(with Thai staff on his side), and almost went home with someone who looked much better downstairs on the dark dance floor. Thank God that bright sunshine on the roof made me come to my senses. 

If you’re a binge drinker like me, it’s true what they say......nothing good happens after midnight, or 2 am, or whatever

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