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Driving in Thailand is easy once you figure out the informal road "rules"...just:

Expect the unexpected at all times.

Remember that someone is always driving faster than you no matter how fast you are going and they will pass on either side.

Don't hang around a crash if you have a clean getaway.

Don't piss off Thai guys on the road (every pick-up has a gun in some places).

Only keep a little cash in your wallet with your DL...just in case you have to make a donation to a friendly BiB.

Don't argue with the wife or GF while driving...very dangerous (I say this from experience).


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lol   I once had an ex try jumping out of my car (Ford Gran Torino) back in the day. I was doing about 45 on an off ramp coming off the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chi Town. It was in a real nasty section of town. B&B (booze and broads) don't mix well.   555555

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