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Happy New Year & here's to a better one this time....


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3 hours ago, coxyhog said:

I friggin' well hope not!

It won't be .. remain positive .. don't sweat the small stuff or anything that isn't in your control .... get on with life ....

Cheers Bro .. to bad all of us can't get together and have more than a couple of cold beers ... and don't freak out if I pull out a big splib to smoke .. and yes, I will share with anyone .... lol ........


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13 hours ago, coxyhog said:

My missus is heavily into the Korean soaps,I sneak a look occasionally....some lovely crumpet in them.

So is mine.

I sometimes have to get up at, say, 02:00 am for a pee and Sai is still watching them on her iPhone. 🙂

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On 12/31/2020 at 9:22 PM, Pumpuynarak said:

can 2021 be any worse ?

2021 is, at least unofficially, the year of the sea shanty...

Of all the things I thought might happen in 2021, spending the first two weeks weeping with joy over a song about the slaughter of a whale is not something I could ever have predicted.

But that’s exactly what I and thousands of others have been doing thanks to sea shanty TikTok.

It's the rare kind of viral moment that transcends its meme status and offers something more: a vital glimpse of hope.

The start of a phenomenon

In the final days of 2020, Scottish singer Nathan Evans posted a TikTok of himself singing the sea shanty Wellerman. It's a New Zealand folksong from the mid-19th century, about a Sydney whaling company called The Weller Bros, whose employees and ships were called 'Wellermen'.

The song features a supply ship bringing "sugar and tea and rum" to a whaling crew off the shore of New Zealand.



What next, bloody hornpipes?






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