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Calling all Fashion Police


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Towards the end of my last trip, I saw these and bought them for striderman.

He declined to accept, quoting something about not being seen dead in them.

They became a pair I wore around the condo, but never outside, or even in the corridor. I had to get my money worth out of them.... they cost me 80b!


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5 hours ago, Stillearly said:

Does he do most of his walking on Soi 6/1 ? 😉😉😉 

Now you traumatized me right there......first trip in 2008, with no planning, I bounced around a few rooms. One was at Tropical Bert’s, on the corner of 2nd Road and the 6. I believe the 24/7 entrance to the rooms was on 6/1. One night walking back pissed, I thought I was going to get molested by a group of LB, some of whom looked taller than my 6’0.  F—king nauseating just thinking about it, oh well, rookie mistake

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