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WTF - 2 bites of the cherry!


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The clue was the A330 landing at the beginning of the video.

The incident happened at Frankfurt, see diagram below.

Wake turbulence from the A330 presented as a tailwind to the B737 reducing airspeed below safe takeoff airspeed.

So the crew lowered the nose and waited until they had regained the appropriate airspeed then made a safe takeoff.

ATC cleared the B737 too early.



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2 hours ago, coxyhog said:

I flew Royal Air Maroc once Casablanca to London on a 737.

f**k all to do with the topic but thought I'd tell ya😂

Very popular with our #2 carrier Westjet, Air Canada has always used A320 family. But now they’ve had a large purchase of MAX 8, will be a while before I jump on one of those 

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