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Pattaya Legends.


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Just came across a couple of interviews on Youtube regarding, two of Pattaya's well known faces..

Firstly.. Ricky..

and then the interviews with Phil..

and then our own @Yesitisdakid


When Ricky was asked for advice for a newbie, he quipped

"Keep one hand on your heart, one hand on your wallet, and the rest.... Dont worry about it"😂

Also many thanks to Phil @misteregg for the interviews as well...

Hope fellow BM's enjoy as much as I did..


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I think I first met Ricky back in 2003 and have been visiting him in the various venue's he has run ever since.

I enjoy his company.

He hit te nail on the head when he explained that virtually all Pandora's customers had been expats prior to Covid. They went to both see Ricky himself and the knowledge that HE knew how to look after his customers and always run a good GoGo. So life was good but then along came Covid and every bar and GoGo in Town was after the same expat community which was bound to have a detrimental effect on his business.

I really hope Pandora's survives until our type of tourist returns but weekends excluded, like many if not most other venues, it is not making money the rest of the week.

I recall visiting Ricky early one evening when he managed Babydolls. I sat with him at his table when two girls came in looking for a dancers job. The job interview went something like this:

Both claimed not to have worked in Pattaya before.

"Okay, show us your tits."

Both passed the upper body inspection. Although only a passive observer I was nodding approval.

"Do you both want to dance without any pants on? (Paid more for pussy show)

They both nodded

"Okay, let's see the rest."

One passed that inspection although the other girl would still be suitable for dancer but not full show.

They confirmed that they both would start that night and were passed to the Mamasan for kitting out and one for a "hair cut."

It is a tough life but somebody has to do it. :default_dirol:

A real good guy.

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On 3/5/2021 at 10:56 AM, Jambo said:



They confirmed that they both would start that night and were passed to the Mamasan for kitting out and one for a "hair cut."


Did you not apply for the Barber job ????

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I read the posts here and on other social media referring to Pattaya Legends and smile. We all have our own opinions. Mine is that Ricky is the only real Legend from the bar business here in Pattaya. 

He has been a Manager and a owner operator for more years than I have been here in Pattaya. Nana Plaza, Clinton Plaza, and Walking street here in Pattaya and now his place in LK Metro. I have learned tons from the way Ricky works the bar. I used to tell the partners of Babydolls that Rickey made that bar the bar it was Busy and popular due to Rickys business practices and how he ran the bar. I tell anyone that would listen anyone that went in after Ricky to manage that bar could only try hard and hope to keep it at the same level he got it to no easy task. That was the hardest part of working at babydolls. Ricky made it so hard for those that followed.......Damn you Ricky ! 

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My best time at AW was before it was built!

Matt had a small one shop lot gogo/bar just the other side of the bridge on Nana and I'd sit at the bar chatting to him. He always talked about his idea of doing something extraordinary - Classical music, theatre, circus, and of course naked women all wrapped up in one location. It was fantastic to listen to him and throw in ideas. He seemed to like the more bizarre ideas too!

But to see everything slowly come together was a fantastic experience.

When Thaksin was elected Matt took a bunch of costumes to the Police and asked them which ones were within the "new" law. That is where he got ahead of the game - at the same time there was a young sproggy manager in Clinton's Dollhouse that banned me for taking a girl's top off!

I am also very surprised that Ricky talked so openly to the world about Matt's "secret" relationship. I can only presume that somebody had already told his wife because certainly at the time (and ever since!) nobody said anything!



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