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when selecting topics in a forum, it always opens at the first page - can this be changed?


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When opening a topic, it always selects the first page of the topic, then you have to select the last page to get it to go to the end.

Some of the threads are many hundreds of pages long, and you may want to get to the last viewed page - is this possible?




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If you click on the number of replies for that topic, it will take you directly to the last reply.


EDIT: I would appreciate an option to automatically go to the last page, where that last page is filled with the number of replies the settings indicate (so if 50, the last reply and the 49 preceding it). For people capable of reading Dutch, I refer to https://gathering.tweakers.net for an example.

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Hit the dot between the members avatar and the thread title, takes you to the first unread post.

Or, if you shake, or the computer wobbles, and you miss the dot, you either go to the members page, or the first page, depending on the direction of the wobble...

Edit.... if you've already posted in that thread the dot becomes a star.

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