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The best breakfast deal in the history of Pattaya...I think......


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2 hours ago, fforest said:

The 195 baht "Mega Breakfast" at Nickys

I haven't had this myself yet......I just saw this on twitter....



Wonder if you get tea or coffee with it, looks good though, eaten there many times.

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2 hours ago, Yesitisdakid said:

Bubble and squeak

Yep you're right, hate to say it but it doesn't look too good but knowing that place it'll taste fine.

37 minutes ago, Phantom51red said:

First thing i thought,it shouldnt be there,would scoff the rest tho.

I'd have a good go at it but probably fail. A mate on here asked if my ex-bird could eat it, she's 40kg and a bit, my reply was she'd piss it and be hungry again 2 hrs later.

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That looks like it could feed a platoon! Too much toast, 2 slices are fine, scramble those eggs. And what is that circular hockey puck looking thing in the middle of the plate?

Looks like it'll plug up your colon......or use as putty to fill in a crack in the wall!

But for 195 baht, about $6.50 USD, it's enough of a feed to settle me for the day. Maybe a late night kebab or two off a street cart vendor would be the only other thing I might eat.

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8 hours ago, Chappo said:

too much food 😞 - would prefer smaller high quality brekkie 

The Baht buster breakfast was smaller than this and I was pretty full after my 99 baht breakfast........I think I could eat this but I would be  miserable,and have to lay down until I could recover from eating this monster......

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According to Nicky's FB page,  there's also a "full English breakfast" for 99 baht. 



That would be more than enough for me.  The 195-baht mega breakfast has more calories than the average male needs in a day, not to mention what it would do your cholesterol levels.

Whether or not the Nicky's breakfasts include tea or coffee will determine their status as best breakfast value for money in Pattaya.  I couldn't see any info on this on Nicky's FB page.

The Robin Hood Tavern in The Avenue shopping center also has some good breakfast options, but the prices given are limited specials. Full Irish brekky including tea or coffee for 249 baht:


The breakfast bagel or sunrise skillet are healthier options and still value for money.


I haven't been in Pattaya for 14 months so I can't vouch for the quality of the food these days at Nicky's or the RHT.  But unless things have gone downhill, the food holds a good standard at both restaurants.  


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