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OK guys get your Mexican chickens ready this is the big Birthday Larry G aka Pretty Bitch


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46 minutes ago, boydeste said:

HBD Larry,

I bet Poo number 2 didn't have tongue skills the same as Poo number 1 did. :default_fun:

I have some pictures of the other legendary Poo ...... but these two had tongues that could tickle a mans fancy. I did get to know them both quite well ..... ahem .... 

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2 minutes ago, Pinoydave said:

Imagine the number of tourists who would have flown in if this birthday was any other year....... maybe the busiest day in Pattaya this century !


They would have been dissapointed. he is in Bkk lol.

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35 minutes ago, Starshine said:


Who can ever forget the trauma of their first Larry finger test 😳





In the immortal words of Muhammad Ali when asked about Joe Frazier:

You seen him Muhammed ??

Yeah ain't he ugly !!!


Pile in lads the toppest bitch who made our Pattaya experiences so memorable ....


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Holly shit fest.... you mean that you actually made it to 65 years of age? Congratulations Lally , if there was ever a guy who deserved to live to fight another day it would be you. You are greatly loved and admired by many even though most of those rascals don't deserved to be loved themselves. You truly are a legend and it has been a great pleasure to know you my friend. Happy 65th!

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6 hours ago, Yesitisdakid said:

Thanks guys much appreciated and just for the record Bangkok is shipped all of those that are in Pattaya count your lucky stars

Larry how much weight have you lost from that first picture?......It looks like you have lost about half a person...lol

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