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Anwar Sadat

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13 hours ago, Thinkingallowed said:

Got to come up with some form of rota system for mods and admin to watch these. I'm owed several minutes of my life that I'll never get back already.

I should think that anything that meets YouTube's TOS will meet the standard here, no?

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I liked very much this one.

Watched the first episode yesterday. Gives a (sad) view of a very complicated society with some twisted and medieval social rules.

I in fact respect those guys for trying to do their job with very limited means, in a very difficult environment, and with (I think)  limited basic training.

The cases of the house demolition, the little runaway girl, and  the "kidnapped" girl (in fact a romantic runaway) are all reflecting a dramatic society in disarray.

The young women cop seems  to understand and start seeing the world she lives in from a completely point of view.


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