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Decoration for your home or condo


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I am currently decorating a condo and looking for some fancy piece of wall decoration. So where to find something special?

Those who visited Index, Baan Beyond, Thaiwatsadu and Boonthavorn without success, their next stop usually is Chic Republic on Sukhumvit:

Everything a bit expensive and oldfashioned style, though usually you should find something you like.

Another shop is Decorum on Thepprasit.

The style is rather modern and prices seem to be a tad higher. No bargaining possible, according to the boss during an interview. Whenever I have been there, the shop was deserted.

Those who prefer the Thai style, you will be likely finding a treasure here:

neben Thaiwatsadut.jpg

No idea about the shops name, but you find it next to Thaiwatsadu on Sukhumvit Rd.
Everything full of dust and looks like having been on offer for decades.

Suriya Music Art next to the Floating Market closed shop a couple of years ago...


Was always fun to rummage through the shop. They are now located near Silver Lake (Google: Suriya Land Pattaya).
Not as much to see as it used to be but still some stuff you wonder who will want to buy it.

I didn't find what I was looking for, but..... I will be back!

Suriya Music Land 5.jpg


Suriya Music Land 1.jpg


Suriya Music Land 2.jpg

Suriya Music Land 3.jpg

Suriya Music Land 4.jpg

Any other places in the area to have a look at?


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I thought that you'd have your collection of bar girls' used knickers hanging on the wall like everyone else, lol.

Seriously, if you fancy the stone wall art then the best quality I've seen is upstairs in Boontavorn, but unfortunately the prices are very high. The stuff sold in places like the one next door to Thai Watsadu are meant for use outdoors in the garden, so you're not looking at them close-up like you would indoors.

Some of the stone shops can make an engraving of a picture in marble if you have a reasonably simple picture they can scan. It's all done by computers and laser these days and the results are impressive with the right picture (I've got a twin pair of large, golden kinarees on black marble on the gateposts at the entrance to my shack).

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researching myself for my condo remodel too.  I have a few walls and a couple of sections I am looking to do something with. 

1.  I have one section I am planning on making into a small coffee area. I will buy a few things around town and buy the rest via Amazon and pay the extra shipping to have it delivered to LOS. I ordered a custom Wall Mural which will be shipped from the states. 

2.  On the balcony wall, plans are to hire a local painter to paint the wall based on a view of the beach/ocean of Cabo/arch. 

3.  The living room - plans are to do either tile art or rock wall. 

4. the other wall and other empty section - not sure.  Maybe a white colored checkered fence/trellises with fake ivy going from the floor to ceiling 


* I ll try and buy local when I go shopping around town. Anything I can’t find or don’t like due to quality or design I’ll buy on Amazon or just have it shipped

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6 hours ago, Toy Boy said:

I thought that you'd have your collection of bar girls' used knickers hanging on the wall like everyone else, lol.

On my very first trip I ended up staying one night in a BGs room .. the walls were decorated with US Navy caps , must have been about 20 of them hanging ( three girls shared the room )  🙂 

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