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Tower Zip World, Rhigos, Aberdare

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Out for a drive today and on the way home we thought we would go look at the Tower Zip World nearby in Rhigos, about 15 minutes from our house.

Wanted to check requirements, prices etc and have a view of the action. Used to be a colliery but has turned into a popular money making zip line and soon to be theme park.

Had my first drink outside, a 0% Doombar beer.

The Zip Line in the photos is Bravo; Alpha starts way beyond the visible tower on the top of a far away mountain a good drive away. The price includes Alpha to the tower in the pics and then Bravo down to the colliery and our viewing point. Overall time for the adventure is 2 hours.

Wasn't great weather but warm enough to have a sit down for a while.




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