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I Fed 7 people for less than £10.


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Yep, you read it right, in the UK as well, this is how I did it:

1.3kg of Mussels £3.70

2 Shallots = 12 pence

150ml of cheap white wine @ 4.50 per 750ml bottle = 2.50

2 stalks of celery @ 43 pence per pack

1 long Tiger baton @ 89 pence

2 chilies = free from my wife's bush...

1 handful of parsley = 70 pence for the packet.

1 garlic head = 30 pence (although I was tempted to put it through as a carrot on self service but I'm too honest).

.5kg of Rice @ £25 per 20 kg = 63 pence

Less than a tenner, even when you include the gas for cooking it.

however, please don't consider the bottle of Stellenbosch Rustenberg Vintage red I'm currently enjoying @£22 per bottle.

The end result is as you'd expect, everyone complaining that they're still hungry. Also, there's a bit of a cheat added as well, one of them is a 12 year old, the other is me and I'm cutting down on my food as I'm getting to be a bit of a porker these days.

What it did do is remind me of how my dear old Mum (RIP) used to budget for our food weekly back in the 70's, 5 people, 2 adults and 3 growing boys and still managed to make sure we had Fish on the Friday (sometimes from the chippie, sometimes home made fish pie) produce a roast on a Sunday which was out of this world, and keep us fed and watered during the week. Slightly mouldy bread was fine for toast, plenty of water in the tap if you need a drink and yes if you are good you can lick the baking bowl. Toast and Beef dripping for breakfast Monday with a casserole or stew in the evening, thick ear for entering the kitchen without permission.

Incidentally, while I do not condone theft, in many large Tesco's it is possible to go into the green grocery area, weigh your product and choose the label via a set of small scales at the end of each aisle, and while they have the front to charge £2.20 per kg of cooking apples, I'll continue to weigh and label them as carrots, or better still, just go to the self service and put them through as carrots anyway (as you select your item from the screen), but be aware of the "Self service attention nazi" inhabiting the area, watching on their personal security screen for thieves, ne'er do wells and general vagrants. If caught, plead ignorance, or better still , do as I do and claim to be dyslexic and counter accuse them of disablelism.

I'm also not paying 20 pence for a plastic carrier bag, ever. I deliberately take one and use it, without putting it through the till. If a turtle is stupid enough not to be able to read "Tesco" on a plastic bag and mistake it for a jellyfish, then it is their problem and not mine.





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19 hours ago, Nightcrawler said:

Very impressive but still a long way to go to  catch up to Jesus. He manged to feed 5000 for f*ck all 😁

Yeah, and he didn't have to pay £20 for a bottle of wine either!

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12 hours ago, Nightcrawler said:

But would you want all the responsibilities that would come with it?, 😁😁😁

What responsibilities?....Drink,fall over,turn some more water into wine,drink,fall over......

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