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Thai's killed in rocket attack in Israel


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Thai workers died in attack on southern Israel

Israeli media report that the two men who were killed by Palestinian rocket-fire earlier were from Thailand.

The United Hatzalah volunteer rescue service was cited as saying a rocket hit a packaging factory where they worked in the Eshkol region, near the Gaza border.

Radio Darom posted a video showing what it said was the aftermath of the attack.

Last week, another Thai man who worked in southern Israel was injured by rocket-fire. Afterwards, Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said he was deeply concerned by the violence.

More than 25,000 Thai migrant workers provide the vast majority of the labour for Israel’s agriculture industry.

In 2004, a Thai farm worker was killed during a war between Israel and militants in Gaza.

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20 minutes ago, Sherlock said:

Soldier doesn't even have a magazine in his weapon. Pretty sure this photo has been proven to have been faked.


Soldiers don't always patrol with loaded guns.  I've seen this in other countries.


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This is proving to be very contentious indeed in the UK. Even got a Met police officer becoming impartial and shouting "Free Palestine" during a demo.

What I find somewhat ironic is that the amount of anti Jewish sentiment in the UK is palpable among the left wing and liberals. The very same people who campaign for Gay rights, and LGBT / Trans / non binary freedom, yet conveniently forget the attitude of some facets of Islam when it comes to the treatment of aforementioned minority groups. The very same people who say "Criticism of the Israeli govt is not anti Semetic" yet at the same time would argue that any kind of criticism of Islam is racist.

In other words, they're hypocritical pseudo intellectual wankers.

If a known terror group launch rockets at a Country, any Country, from an area in which they can be located, then they should expect a response. Whether or not that response is proportionate or not is a moot point, people seem to forget that Hamas rockets are indiscriminate and aimed at civilian targets, IDF Weapons are discriminate and aimed at legitimate targets, although there is and will continue to be collateral damage when the terrorists use human shields.

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