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I found this investment opportunity, but it really looks like a scam.



Thai property group has other offers like this offering guaranteed returns.It looks too good to be true.

Does someone have experience with these kind of investments or knows if the company is reliable?



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If it looks to to good to be true it always is .... in Thailand at least and Phuket in particular.

Run Fforest run .... and keep running. 

Scammers to the right of you scammers to the left ...... into the valley of death rode ..

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1 hour ago, Stillearly said:

Agree with Namps , any company offering a guaranteed return on property , especially in the current environment ....are likely to be less than trustworthy....

I can guarantee you a return on any investment with me, you can trust me it will be negative 😉

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they offer investments in the RP, "El Nido" with a similar offer of rental and investment return.

KMC have this project which is advertised on the website, so this company are basically skimming off the back of it or going to take deposits and disappear.


I would offer a caveat, that those kinds of returns in the RP are not really realistic unless it's Makati or Ayala Alabang. We develop ( very cheap, foreclosed) property in outer Manila and the returns are, at best, mediocre (4 - 6 % PA). If the returns were that great I wouldn't be here working in the UK.

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