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BA Boeing 787 at LHR today


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1 hour ago, Painter said:

It's a new feature, like coaches that lower on their suspension when stopped to make it "easier" to get on and off.....

Or the Hawker Siddeley Andover that could kneel for loading/unloading due to specially modified main undercarriage legs

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17 minutes ago, Chappo said:

did it land like that or was it a nose gear collapse?


Initial reports are nose gear failure while parked. The plane was being used for Cargo apparently.

Doesn't inspire confidence tbh. I'm not expert but that might be a hull write off.


*Edit in, I thought the Engine nacelles had hit the ground and damaged the wing structure, seems I was wrong, here's a short vid from twatter:




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9 hours ago, forcebwithu said:

Different incident. That bulletin is from 1996.

That happened at BAMC Cardiff(a B747 maintenance facility) when they were towing a 747 out after a check for a new French customer & the gear collapsed😂

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2 hours ago, KWA said:

Found this photo on flyertalk:


The holes appear to be of very different diameters so with the pin being a pip pin I really can't see that you could insert it into the wrong hole without being aware of it.

Edit:I've just read on PPrune that if the pin is inserted from the other side then it does fit snugly.

There is a mod to eliminate the risk but operators were given 3 years to embody it from 2019.

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This morning I read an explanation but cannot find it now.

It was stated that the engineer couldn't reach to insert the locking pin so an associate fitted it instead. Unfortunately it was fitted in the wrong hole. It also stated that the engineer used some steps to fit locking pins to the main gear hence they didn't collapse.

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