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No good deed goes unpunished.


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Seems an "at odds" and fabled comment which holds a certain amount of truth. It also seems to apply in Pattaya and to BG's more than anywhere else I can think of.

How many times have we brought a drinks for the girl because we felt partly like she'd made an effort and partly to "give her a break", as it's only business and she is working, only to see a much more attractive TG in the same bar an hour later, but we'd already made a rod for our own back by "choosing" TG # 1. Any kind of preference otherwise will mean friction between the two, and grief for yourself who (apologies Expats but I'm sure you guys have faced the same dilemma at one time or another) - really does not need this kind of hassle on a holiday.

It also transcends small, seemingly innocuous chances to reap good karma. I once gave a girl 200 baht for "gin kao" post Barfine and LT as a purely flippant gesture on my part, but she followed me around town like a Rottweiler on heat for a week and by some incredible sleuthing of which I have no idea how, but managed to track me down in Mistys one evening and caught me at the exact moment I handed over the not insignificant barfine for another girl. Mistys didn't usually host indoor fireworks displays, but on this occasion Andy and Tim just watched (and laughed) as I tried to explain my way out of it. Tossers. lol.

Anyway, I'm sure you guys have had a similar experience.

The saying is indeed very true, unlike the one about too much masturbition mikes you gro blund


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First I’ll say like most us ,

I have had a lot of kindness bestowed upon by the girls 

but I doubt many of us have not been taken for the fool on a stool it’s part of 

the Pattaya experience 


I had taken a girl for a fortnight from a bar in Soi 8 

things went well, we would go early on to her bar pay fine ,

she would have a drink with “ her sisters “ which I paid for 

I was given a free cup of coffee and would enjoy people watching on the Soi 

the bill would be paid five drinks five girls five hundred Baht 

went on for a week until the bill was passed to for 530 baht 

I questioned the extra cost was told it’s the price for five drinks and a coffee 

It’s amazing what makes the penny drop ,


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