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90% at Mikes shopping mall


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Well, I didn't think that everything was on a discount of 90 %, but anyway GF and I were interested if there was any bargain to be had. I can tell you aready now, I saved a shitload of money.

The small underground car park had many empty lots. On the ground floor this shop had lots of banners:


Plenty of T-shirts and other simple clothing items for 100 Bt which probably were sold for 100 Bt anyway.

On the other end almost every stall had a 50% sign on their tables.


There was one table, 1 by 1 meter, selling souveniers. The 10 cm wooden elephant was reduced from 225 to 23 Bt. So, yes, there were sales with 90% discount.

I felt like being the only customer in the mall, though I saw a bit later 3 or 4 others customers.

We went up to the next floor.



Third floor looked closed, so down again.


GF was wandering around, but looked indecisive.

"How about a new handbag?", I suggested. "No, I have already a lot."

"This Shirt looks nice, how about it?"  "No, I don't like it"

"What do you think about these pair of shoes?"  "No, my wardrobe is already full".

I couldn't find anything I liked, was looking for a leather belt and a pair of jeans.

We decided after 20 minutes to call it quits.

See, I saved a lot!!!!

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The atmosphere wasn't really enjoyable, you could feel the desperation of the stall owners, trying to get your attention.

We usually shop at the outlet mall, wich has a better choice and products, and usually good deals are to be had.

Though next stop was Friendship today, where I spent a lot as usually on Whiskey and farang food. 

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