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Papaya Cafe and Bistro in Huay Yai


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We ordered a Mango and Pineapple shake @ 60 Bt. Both nice, though I believe I got the last Mango for this season.


Thre menu offers just a few western dishes beside the extensive Thai menu. Some of the pages:









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The fish broth was a bit salty, and the omelette came without any pork, otherwise everything was nice and tasty.

Best of all are the surroundings. Service has room for improvement, there are bells on some tables but even those were not always heard by the staff. 

Two more tables were busy, farangs with their wags. The restaurant has opened in February, so I believe. I learned about it today when reading a post in the Pattaya News.

Pattaya news report



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Plakaong Nung Manao, one of my favourite Thai fish dishes. Best one i ever had was in Chaolay in Hua Hin.

Wife's birthday next week, gonna take her out to a Thai place she loves, think that's what i'll have ...

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