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Apple to scan iphones for illegal images

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Watched an IT Security professor on SKY this morning, mentioning that in order to search a person's phone in the USA a Warrant is needed. There seems to be a work around (which I'm a bit vague on) whereby in the USA there is either new legislation or legislation does not apply to an object such as "The Cloud". - not sure and maybe someone can clarify.

Of course, the subject matter in question is abhorrent (choosing my words carefully for the forum) and anyone in possession deserves serious punishment, but the question remains with the other concerns being raised in that will it (the ability to scan a phone by Apple and what they do with that information ) develop into something more insidious.

The final quote is interesting:

"Regardless of what Apple's long term plans are, they've sent a very clear signal. In their (very influential) opinion, it is safe to build systems that scan users' phones for prohibited content," Matthew Green, a security researcher at Johns Hopkins University, said.

"Whether they turn out to be right or wrong on that point hardly matters. This will break the dam — governments will demand it from everyone."

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The way i understand it Apple owns the servers up in the sky which is the their cloud . If you backup your phone

to the cloud like most of us do  don't backup your photo's. They can't look in your phone at your pussy pics , dick 

picks etc so no need to delete . Hopefully most of the dumb pedo's are backing up to the cloud and will be burned

at the stake .

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