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British Airways doing return night flights, Bangkok


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Just had a quick look more out of hope than expectation for Feb next year, what with the Thai vaccine roll out seemingly going relatively well. 

Noticed BA are now doing night flights both ways. I always preferred night flights anyway, 2 mother's little helpers somewhere over Eastern Europe, then as if by magic, get woken up for breakfast as we're entering Myanmar. And with a young child, it's far more preferable, for parents and child. 

Came in at £460, cheap, though that's basic, have to pay extra for hold luggage and seat. 

I know BA don't have the best reputation compared to say EVA, but unless it was shockingly bad, I wouldn't really care if both night flights. 

I used to do Thai night flights, but I'd only use them again if it was literally a few days away when booking. Even them I'd be dubious. They'll have lost so much customers like me, gonna be hard for themto get back unless the offer really cheap flights. 



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This is odd,earlier today I looked at flights for April next year on the BA website and they're now back to the 16:10 (BA009) departure LHR and 11:30 (BA010) Departure BKK.

looking again, just now the flights are as @Krapow posted.

PE price is £980

Outward Business and return PE £1370

Trouble is, as long as they're using the crappy old 777-200 on that route, the biz fare is a bit of a waste as the cabins haven't yet been updated and the tackle is old and tired.

How strange, but I'm not moaning, the night flight suits me to a tee.

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