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Name The Building (12 September) - Solved: Mike's Shopping Mall


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4 hours ago, forcebwithu said:

Correct, although @thegrogmonster was clairvoyant and beat you to the answer. :default_biggrin:


A couple of years ago during the construction phase I visited Coco Fitness "for a friend".

Access was by a service lift to the right of the picture. After finding a few things out about short term prices I left .... but on the way down, the lift broke down. It come to a shuddering, creaking halt. With no emergency lighting. In the dark. I was damn sure I could hear the support cables "pinging" apart one at a time.

I used the phone to read the emergency number but there was no answer so I phoned the number on the business card they had given me.

I could go into detail bla bla bla but it took at least 30 minutes to get me out.

Gyms have caused me one divorce ...I really don't get on very well with them and am pleased to be a fat bastard nowadays! 

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